Game: The name of the game

Android version && Emulator version: What version of Android and version of Mupen

Graphics: Does it show graphics?

Sound: Does sound play?

Performance: How smooth the FPS and sound is

Notes: User notes about the game about how well it plays, what settings, playability, and/or other information

Other: Other info you may need to know

Games List Edit



Android version Emulator version Graphics Sound Performance Notes Other
Super Mario 64 3.2 1.99.5 Y Y

Very smooth



Banjo Kazooie 3.2 1.99.5 Y Y

Smooth, a bit of lag but overall pretty good

Plays better on 1.99.5 than 1.8.2
Mario Kart 64 3.2 1.99.5 Y Y Very smooth, a bit choppy when starting a race Plays very well
Diddy Kong Racing 3.2 1.99.5 Y Y Very smooth Plays very well
F-Zero X 3.2 1.99.5 Y Y Very smooth but choppy sound at times Plays very well


bad fur day

3.2 1.99.5 N/A N Takes a long time to load, high texture glitches, you see polygons instead of the correct models Unplayable
Banjo Tooie 3.2 1.99.5 Y Y Crashes a lot. Needs frameskip in order for it to get past some crashes, but still crashes. Upon loading from savestate, screen flashes rapidly Needs work
Donkey Kong 64 3.2 1.99.5 N You hear the word OKAY Screen is black, you hear the word OKAY then it crashes Broken
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