• Game: The name of the game
  • Region: What part of the game it was tested on
  • Android Info: What version Android and Mupen
  • Playable: Can it enter a game and play?
  • Sound: Does sound play? Async/Sync
  • FPS In Game: What FPS does the game run on with or without sound (Not the menu)
  • Notes: User notes about the game about how well it plays, what settings, playability, and/or other information

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Excitebike 64 U 2.3.0 Stock 4.1.1 w/root (Verison OTA 2.04) Y(ish) Y(synched with frames) 15(time trial), 9(races w/all riders) Occasional replication of position arrows across screen; border around name in rider selection is formatted improperly unless viewing bio

Unplayable unless Cached interpreter is used (Plug-ins->R4300 emulator). Only then will the game progress past the Left Field splash screen, although menu transitions lag quite a bit. Adjusting the RSP to 'no sound' did nothing, but disabling it disabled all video output.

Using gles2n64 and setting frameskip to 'never skip' seems to provide the best results, maybe squeaking out an extra FPS or two depending on other video settings and race type. Playable otherwise if you've got the patience...

Hydro Thunder U 2.3.0 Stock 4.1.1 w/root (Verison OTA 2.04) N N N/A Loading screen before race appears but quickly blacks out, then displays the text that is supposed to overlay on that screen after a short delay. Everything in the game is very pixelated, I don't remember the original textures having quite that low of quality. Transition between menus is extremely slow. Game freezes whenever starting a race. Unplayable.
Mario Kart 64 U 2.3.0 Stock 4.1.1 w/root (Verizon OTA 2.04) Y Y 30 None Occasional lag during main menu animations and before race start. Tested first track in time trial and grand prix, no issues affecting gameplay.
Super Mario 64 U 2.3.0 Stock 4.1.1 w/root (Verizon OTA 2.04) Y Y 30 None Tested through first stage, saving & reloading both states and original saves. No issues anywhere.
Super Smash Bros U 2.3.0 Stock 4.1.1 w/root (Verizon OTA 2.04) Y Y high:60;low:40s-30s depending on # of characters Character models missing features (decals such as eyes, Pikachu's markings); Results screen of VS. Mode is blank; Missing characters from 1P stage intro screens with allies (such as Stage 4)

Incorrect sound plays for "Challenger Approaching";

Overall runs smoothly, with no issues affecting gameplay.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater U 2.3.0 Stock 4.1.1 w/root (Verizon OTA 2.04) Y Y ~26 "You got a tape!" only shows the edges of the tape spinning. Runs smoothly, with few occasional minor frame hiccups. Plays well, but in-game text entry is difficult: left/right in high score entry tends to move 2 places over instead of one, and name entry for Save Career will not accept analog stick input (d-pad untested). Since the game won't accept blank name entry, save states will have to do.