I run everything at 320x240, with screen scaling at zoom, frameskipping off, and I use the gles2n64 video plugin with all the games on here.


Game Region Version Playable? Notes
Banjo Kazooie U 2.4.4 Y Jigsaw transition doesn't work; black pieces instead of image on screen.
Bomberman 64 U 2.4.4 N Black screen at startup.
Bomberman Hero U 2.4.4 Y
Chameleon Twist U 2.4.4 Y
Diddy Kong Racing U 2.4.4 Y
F-Zero X U 2.4.4 Y Slowdown at character select, Nintendo logo from intro stays in screen transitions.
Harvest Moon 64 U 2.4.4 Y
Mario Kart 64 U 2.4.4 Y
Mickey Speedway USA U 2.4.4 Y Some textures missing, like the stoplights at the start of a race.
Mischief Makers U 2.4.4 Y
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon U 2.4.4 ? Runs incredibly slow, about 10 fps.
Starfox 64 U 2.4.4 Y Occasional slowdown on the map screen.
Super Mario 64 U 2.4.4 Y
Super Smash Bros U 2.4.4 Y Some characters are missing face textures.
Yoshi's Story U 2.4.4 ? Some textures missing, 3D objects and textures overlap each other.