Game: The name of the game

Region: What part of the game it was tested on

Android Info: What version Android and Mupen

Playable: Can it enter a game and play?

FPS In Game: What FPS does the game run on with or without sound (Not the menu)

Sound: Does sound play? Async/Sync

Notes: User notes about the game about how well it plays, what settings, playability, and/or other information


  • Super Smash Bros.


Android Info:

  • Nexus S 4G ; Android 4.0.4 ; Mupen 1.9.2


  • Yes

FPS In Game:

  • Forgot to turn it on; runs mostly smoothly, with small skips here and there.


  • Yes

Notes: Completely playable. Minor to possibly major video problems; some effects and animations aren't displayed, such as Kirby's third jump sword/slash and Hyrule Temple's tornados. Bots also appear to be very passive. Needs more testing.