Information For Tab Acer IconiaEdit

Game: The name of the game

Region: What part of the game it was tested on

Android Info: What version Android and Mupen

Playable: Can it enter a game and play?

FPS In Game: What FPS does the game run on with or without sound (Not the menu)

Sound: Does sound play? Async/Sync

Notes: User notes about the game about how well it plays, what settings, playability, and/or other information

Games ListEdit

GAMES Region Android Info / Mupen Playable / Multiplayer FPS Sound Graphic Bugs Best Plugin Notes
Legend of Zelda Master Quest U 4.0.3 / 1.9.2 YES / n/a 30+ YES Character in Start Menu is random textures. 2n64 start menu takes forever to load
Star Wars: Episode 1 Pod Racer U 4.0.3 / 1.9.2 YES /YES


YES the purple beam connecting pods on the racers are duplicated 2x making a triple beam instead of one. logos/start intro movie/start menu are 50% of the screen 2n64 2nrice renders the start menus / opening screens larger but off screen as well
Star Fox 64 U 4.0.3 / 1.9.2 YES / YES 30 YES game playable but slow at times, not too much testing with settings 2n64 fps dips during big events / explosions
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire U 4.0.3 / 1.9.2 YES / n/a 20 YES game almost constantly flashes, not just textures 2rice frameskip must be off. game is playable but slow and has an overlay that flashes all the time. on the very edge of the right the overlay ends and the game renders clear

Mario Kart 64 U 4.0.4/ 1.9 YES/YES 30 YES NONE BOTH IT WORKS!